Registered Apprenticeship & Training Program

“Registered apprenticeship is an important resource for employers and an opportunity for workers in these demanding times. In the environment of “down sizing” and “right sizing” the workforce must be more efficient and productive. The better we train Montana’s workforce today, the more likely they will be up to the challenges in tomorrow’s work place.

As unemployment figures decline, the availability of skilled workers is diminished. The remaining people are likely to be those with skills that do not meet those of current employment opportunities in today’s job market. The Apprenticeship and Training Program, Department of Labor and Industry can help fill this void through services provided to Montana employers.

Through a registered apprenticeship program, employers can access professional assistance to train Montana workers to become highly skilled in their occupational trade or craft. As our state economy becomes more service based, the demand for a technically trained skilled workforce will increase.

Apprenticeship is the oldest known form of skills training. It’s all about a seasoned, skilled worker teaching the skills of their craft to workers new to the trade or craft. Registered apprenticeship training includes both supervised on-the-job training through real work experience and related technical instruction in the classroom. Business, Labor, Education and Government work in cooperation to deliver structured progressive instruction programs designed to develop high-quality, skilled and employable workers.

Apprenticeship is still a mystery to many, who never get the chance to capitalize on the opportunity to “earn while you learn” because often they do not even know it is an option.

The Montana Apprenticeship Program hopes to raise your awareness of Apprenticeship and all the doors it can open for your future. Whether you are interested in becoming a meat cutter or child care development specialist, an electrician or a heavy equipment operator, with hundreds of apprentice-able occupations, there is a career path for nearly everyone.

The Montana Apprenticeship Program assists in setting up structured yet flexible training programs recognized by federal and industry standards designed to meet the specific needs of Montana employers through on-the-job training (OJT) and related classroom instruction.

Apprenticeship Programs can be sponsored by employers, employer associations, or labor/management groups (JATC’s) that can hire and train in a real world working situation.

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Currently there are over 520 sponsors (employers of apprentices) – Union & Independent and 1,000 registered apprentices working in 50 different occupations scattered throughout 50 of the state’s 56 counties.

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Also, check out our website that is exclusively designed for middle and high school students.

Darrell Holzer, State Director
Apprenticeship & Training Program
Workforce Services Division
Phone: (406) 444-3998