Employer Testing of Job Candidates

Montana employers now have the option of utilizing over 800 assessment tests to be used as another tool in designing an employee recruitment system.

You may view a list of these tests at www.proveit2.com/mtwsd/ and click on “Tests Available”. Most tests allow us to remove questions that do not apply; however, we cannot add any new questions. To increase the effectiveness and legal defensibility of using any of these tests as job applicant assessments, we strongly encourage the following:

  • Have a current employee who possesses the “skills” you are considering testing for, take the specific test. If that employee is successful at performing those “skills” at your workplace and they score “high” on the test, it may indicate that the test has validity at assessing skills needed by your business. If they score “low” on the test, it could indicate the test does not have validity. For assistance with evaluating the suitability of any of these tests, contact your local Job Service Office.
  • Understand there is differences between the tests being “validated” versus are they “valid” for your use. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, “Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures” clearly states that any test or requirement used to select employees must be valid, meaning, that test or requirement must be strongly related to the performance of at least one of the essential functions of the position you are recruiting for. If it is not valid, you could be setting yourself up for a potential claim of illegal discrimination. More information on “validity” can be found at: http://www.proveit2.com/mtwsd/CoreCustom/Marketing/ValidationInfo.asp
  • Be aware of the requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act to provide a reasonable accommodation, which includes “testing”, during the application process.
  • You may want to test only a limited number of candidates, such as 3-6 of the finalists for the position. Some of these tests take over 30 minutes to complete. A job seeker may even decline to apply for a position if they feel the “testing” takes too much time to complete and may choose to apply for other positions instead.

Using work sample, or skill tests, can be a useful tool to help you select the right employee. However, there are many criterion to be considered when hiring a new employee. Job specific skills are probably only one element of assessing the job applicant’s suitability for the position.

  • For statewide consistency and to help reduce errors in the job applications you receive, please use the exact name of the test you are requiring in your job announcements or in any advertising you use.
  • These are examples of the tests most commonly requested:
Old Test Name New Test Name
10 Key * Data Entry 10 Key [Hardcopy]
Data Entry * Data Entry Alpha Numeric [Hardcopy]
10 Key with decimals * Data Entry 10 Key With Decimals [Hardcopy]
Grammar Office Grammar and Spelling
Typing Typing-General 5 Minutes [Hardcopy]
Math Math and Reasoning Skills
Office Skills Basic Office Skills

* Now measured Statewide in Keystrokes Per Hour. All certificates have been updated to give you more detail.

Testing is Internet based. Applicants can test at your location. Applicants can also arrange a proctored test virtually anywhere an Internet connection exists.

For more information, contact your local Job Service Office: http://wsd.dli.mt.gov/job-services