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MSEC is pleased to announce the winners of MSEC's 2019 Employer of Choice Awards. Congratulations to the following award winners: Bozeman Anderson ZurMeuhlen, Under 25 Employees; Buffalo Restoration® - Bozeman, 25 to 50 Employees; and Foundant Technologies, 50+ Employees. Click here to view MSEC's Awards/Scholarships page and to read about the award winners.

The Montana State Employers Council represents hundreds of business owners, public and private sector employers and community leaders from across Montana.  Since the late 1980's when Job Service Employer Committees (JSECs) were formed in 23 Montana communities, JSEC members have been providing a liaison between employers and Job Service staff at both the local and state levels.  We have offered advice, exchanged information, provided educational opportunities, collaborated with other like-minded organizations and interacted with other employers on behalf of the Job Service.  Our goal is to assist with the formation of an effective workforce development system that is responsive to the needs of Montana's employers and business communities.

What is MSEC?

The Montana State Employers Council is comprised of a representative from each local JSEC in the state of Montana. Annual meetings are held once a year to allow an opportunity for JSEC representatives from all over the state to gather and discuss issues that are pertinent to their local JSEC, set MSEC goals, elect officers for the Executive Board, conduct trainings and to discuss other general business. Below is the MSEC Mission Statement:

MSEC Mission Statement - The Montana State Employers Council is established for the following purposes:

  • Promoting increased utilization of the Workforce Services Division of the Montana Department of Labor & Industry.
  • Advising the Division of employer needs and concerns.
  • Supporting the Workforce Services Division and US Employment Service to properly fulfill their mandate.
  • Serving as a communication and resource linkage to share and disseminate information, directives and ideas between Montana employers, local Job Service Employers' Committees (JSEC), Workforce Services Division, and the U.S. Department of Labor.
  • Assisting local JSEC committees to achieve their goals and objectives.
  • Seeking solutions to employment, training and related issues in need of statewide or national attention.

How is MSEC structured?

Generally the Chairperson/President for a local JSEC automatically serves on the MSEC committee as part of their duties. If the JSEC Chairperson/President cannot attend the annual MSEC meeting he/she can appoint another local JSEC member to serve as their voting representative at the meeting. MSEC meets as a full Council once a year, while the Executive Board meets more frequently. In addition to representatives from local JSECs statewide sitting on the MSEC committee, the Executive Board consists of the elected officers of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Treasurer as well as Past Chairperson.

What does this mean to you as a JSEC member?

If you serve on a local JSEC and are the Chairperson/President you will be a part of the MSEC Board. As a MSEC Board member you will represent your local JSEC and attend the annual meeting. A JSEC Chairperson/President will also work with the JSEC committee to suggest or nominate JSEC members for annual MSEC awards as needed. The JSEC Chairperson/President will function as a liaison for MSEC and their local JSEC to educate and update JSEC committee members about MSEC. If you are not a Chairperson/President but serve on a local JSEC committee you are welcome to attend the annual meetings and trainings to stay involved in MSEC happenings. All JSECs are encouraged to use the MSEC website ( as a resource for their local JSEC.

How is MSEC involved in the community and with local JSECs?

  • Supports JMG (Jobs for Montana Graduates) by providing funding for JMGs annual trip to Washington, D.C.
  • Annually gives awards to JSEC members and a local JSEC to distinguish those recognized by peers for their work and contributions to the community and their local JSEC.
  • Works with local JSECs to provide scholarship opportunities for high school students awarding students annually.
  • Recognizes a Montana business as an Employer of Choice by collaborating with local JSECs throughout Montana to gather nominations and award businesses annually.
  • MSEC provides resources for training to all local JSECs.

Contact Information

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