Jobs for Montana's Graduates

In 1990, the Montana Legislature provided funding for Jobs for Montana's Graduates (JMG) to undertake the mission of assisting students to stay in school, graduate and successfully transition from school into employment, post-secondary education, other training or the military.

JMG is the program of choice for middle and high schools seeking to improve their students’ success in staying in school through graduation, having a meaningful career plan and becoming contributing members of the workforce and economy.

  • As an Affiliate of Jobs for America’s Graduates, JMG is recognized as one of the nation’s most cost efficient, high performing programs in the country.
  • JMG is focused on meeting the needs of employers as a way to help ensure skilled workers for good quality jobs and other opportunities.
  • JMG students will enter the workforce with work ready soft-skills required by employers.
  • JMG students develop meaningful career plans to achieve their career goals.  Career plans may include post-secondary education, the military, apprenticeship, other training or employment opportunities.
  • JMG students benefit from links to schools, employers and community-based services and develop an appreciation for giving back to their community.
  • JMG students benefit from the advice and support of the career specialist, and the one year follow-up received after graduation.
  • JMG will provide career exploration and goal setting to middle school students to instill an appreciation for completion of high school and career planning.
  • The number of schools offering JMG will continue to increase, reducing the dropout rate in Montana.
  • JMG staff is committed to high quality work that makes a significant difference in the lives of those enrolled in the program.

JMG has positively affected over 11,000 students since its inception by providing them with the motivation and skills they need to complete high school and become productive citizens. Please open the “Student News” and “Program News” pages for stories about JMG’s achievements.

JMG students graduate prepared for life after high school by raising their expectations of themselves, investigating and selecting realistic career goals, learning and teaching leadership and teamwork skills, and acquiring workplace values and employability skills.

Inside our website you will find more information about the JMG program. Please take a moment to learn more about us. We welcome your questions, comments or suggestions. Email them to

21st Century Workforce Bureau
P.O. Box 1728
Helena, MT 59624
Phone (406) 444-3478
JMG Staff:

Erica Swanson (406) 444-0978, James Benjamin (406) 444-3354,
Elle Arredondo (406) 444-2534, or John Danielson (406) 758-6221