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Welcome to our web site.  We represent hundreds of business owners, public and private sector employers and community leaders from across Montana.  Since the late 1980's when Job Service Employer Committees (JSECs) were formed in 23 Montana communities, JSEC members have been providing a liaison between employers and Job Service staff at both the local and state levels.  We have offered advice, exchanged information, provided educational opportunities, collaborated with other like-minded organizations and interacted with other employers on behalf of the Job Service.  Our goal is to assist with the formation of an effective workforce development system that is responsive to the needs of Montana's employers and business communities.

Who are we?  The Montana State Employers Council is comprised of a globe graphicrepresentative, generally the Chairperson, from each local JSEC in the state. The Executive Board consists of the elected officers of Chairperson,  Vice- Chairperson,  Treasurer as well as Past Chairperson, five appointed Area Representatives and the State JSEC Coordinator.   We meet as a full Council once a year, while the Executive Board meets more frequently.

What about local JSEC Committees?  Membership in local JSEC committees is determined by the Bylaws and Policies and Procedures of each committee.  Local JSEC committees are encouraged to recruit members who represent the diversity of their local business community.  Each local JSEC determines its own community activities that it finds relevant to its mission.  Examples of these include: Sponsoring seminars,  speakers and workshops of interest to employers and School-to-Work activities such as Career Fairs, classroom presentations and Jobs for Montana's Graduates (JMG).

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