Code of Conduct

Individual Behaviors Local Center/Bureau Behaviors Organizational Value
Use core values to guide decision-making and interactions with customers and co-workers. Model core values with appropriate behaviors.

Make connection between decisions and action with core values.
All Values
Communicate with customers and co-workers clearly, concisely and honestly. Listen and respond empathetically. Create an environment in which information flows smoothly.

Communicate in a way that inspires others.
Customer Focus
Ethics in the Workplace
Continuous Improvement
Do whatever is necessary to insure customer satisfaction within the parameters of the law. Delegate responsibility and empower staff to make decisions. Customer Focus
Individual Responsibility
Ask customers for feedback on services provided. Gather customer feedback frequently to identify their needs and measure their satisfaction with our services. Customer Focus
Develop rapport with others and maintain effective working relationships. Create an atmosphere of trust. Customer Focus
Ethics in the Workplace
Take responsibility for actions and their outcomes. Relate to others in an open and accepting manner. Individual Responsibility
Ethics in the Workplace
Actively support organizational goals and group decisions. Identify long-term goals and invest appropriate resources as necessary.

Handle a wide variety of situations in a professional manner; remain composed when faced with difficult situations.
Individual Responsibility
Continuous Improvement
Individual Growth
Identify areas of opportunity and monitor self-development goals. Provide and support opportunities for individual growth and professional development.

Provide staff with constructive feedback.
Individual Growth
Individual Responsibility
Continuous Improvement
Appropriately challenge conventional practices. Remain open-minded and welcome fresh perspectives and ideas. Continuous Improvement
Customer Focus
Adjust positively to multiple demands. Accept change as a healthy and normal part of growth and provide support and guidance to staff when experiencing change.

Obtain multiple assessments of situations and be systematic in identifying areas for improvement.

Focus on successfully attaining clear, concrete, accurate, timely and measurable outcomes.

Adjust positively to multiple demands.

Establish high standards and measures.
Maintain confidences. Address issues of ethics fairly and consistently. Ethics in the Workplace
Individual Responsibility
Share credit with coworkers. Treat all staff individually yet equitably.  
Treat all people with respect. Apply all policies consistently.  
Handle all situations honestly. Maintain the highest level of honesty in all situations.  


Grounded in our values, our code will help guide you in your conduct as a member of the Workforce Services Division. Our high standards and expectations are reflected in this document. Use it as your guide and keep it for reference.

In addition to understanding our core values and Code of Conduct, you also are expected to understand and follow applicable Division, Department and State laws, rules, policies and procedures.

If you are ever unsure about what decision you should make or what action you should take in your day-to-day job, let our values be your guide. Consider the high standards we expect of ourselves and of each other. Be sure your actions are lawful and ethical before you act. Talk to your supervisor or manager. But at all times, strive to reflect the values of the Workforce Services Division.


If you find yourself in a situation requiring a difficult judgment, ask yourself:

If you can answer "yes" to each question, you will likely make the correct decision. If not, or if you are in doubt, consult with your supervisor or manager.


Customers deserve the very best service I can give them. I will do everything I can to meet or exceed the customer's expectations, within the confines of the law, not just today but every day.

"Customer Focus" means I treat each customer as an individual who has special circumstances and needs. Before I make a decision or take an action, I will always determine if it aligns with our Division values and consider how it will impact the customer.

By giving caring, personal attention and showing concern for my customers at every opportunity, I can do my part to keep our customers satisfied.

Customer satisfaction is my personal priority and my pledge.