Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

The Montana Department of Labor & Industry can help individuals who may need assistance to obtain/retain employment that allows for self-sufficiency or needs training in order to obtain/retain employment leading to economic self sufficiency.

 The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) has three programs that provides these services

  • Adult Program
  • Youth Program
  • Dislocated Worker Program


Adult Program

The Adult Program provides basic career services to individuals age 18 and older, who are at or lower than a level of self-sufficiency, and meet one of the two eligibility categories of an adult.

Eligibility Categories

  • Recipients of public assistance
  • Other low-income adults
  • Individuals who are basic skills deficient

Click here to view the Adult Program Service Provider list.


Youth Program

The Youth Program provides services to in-school youth ages 14-21, and out-of-school youth ages 16-24.  The focus of the youth program is to help youth focus on career pathways, longer-term academic, and occupational learning opportunities, and provide long-term comprehensive service strategies.  The program is designed to prepare Montana's youth to either enter post-secondary education, training or employment upon completion of their secondary education.

Click here to view the Youth Program Service Providers list.

Additional services and opportunities provided by the Montana Department of Labor & Industry, that operate in conjunction with, as well as independent of, the WIOA Programs previously described are listed below.


State Displaced Homemaker Service Program

The State Displaced Homemaker Program provides employment and training services to individuals who have been dependent upon someone else for support and who through death, disability of a spouse, or divorce, no longer have that support.

Click here to view the State Displaced Homemaker Service Providers list.


Dislocated Worker Program

The Dislocated Worker Program provides re-employment and training services to assist dislocated workers' transition from layoff to work.


Rapid Response

Rapid Response is designed to assist workers who are facing loss of employment, to obtain re-employment as soon as possible.

Rapid Response activities include

  • Establishing onsite contact with employers and employee representatives upon notification of a current or projected closure or mass layoff, or in the case of a disaster
  • Provision of information and access to available employment and training activities
  • Assistance in establishing a labor-management committee
  • Providing assistance to the local community in developing a coordinated response and in obtaining access to state economic development assistance

Job Service is the provider of the Dislocated Worker Program and Rapid Response.  Click here for the list of Job Service offices.