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Work-Based Learning

Questions to Consider

Do you want to hire a student but worry about insurance costs?

The Work-Based Learning Funding Opportunity reimburses employers for any excess premiums incurred from hiring a student aged 18 or younger. This program reduces the employer’s risk of high premiums, thus encouraging work-based learning opportunities for Montana’s youth.


Who Qualifies?

The Work-Based Learning (WBL) funding opportunity is for registered employers with an agreement to provide paid or non-paid on-the-job instruction to students in exchange for academic credit. Registered employers must maintain compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations, including workers' compensation coverage to protect the student and the employer.


How does the program work?

If the employer experiences increased worker compensation fees to cover participating students, the employer may apply for reimbursement to offset the increased fee. Qualifying applications must demonstrate a rise in worker’s compensation coverage as a direct result of providing on-the-job instruction of students 18 years of age and under.  Annual fee increases or rate hikes in response to claims are not eligible. Additional premiums resulting from adding another worker are not eligible. The premium increase must be due to the student’s age or WBL status.

Application Related Questions
How does my business register as a work-based learning provider?

A secondary school or other educational provider registers the employer after determining the employer meets the criteria of a high-quality, work-based learning site. Once approved, the business enters into an agreement with the educational institution/provider. 

What does this agreement include?
  • A description of the class and on-the-job instruction with quantifiable days and hours.
  • A commitment to provide the student with two-hours of safety training before any work commences.
  • A description of the duties and responsibilities in the workplace.
  • An overview of how the student’s performance will be evaluated to ensure completion.
  • A description of the criteria for academic credit and number of potential credits earned.
Who signs the agreement?

The educational institution, the partner business, and the student.  In the event the student is a minor, a parent or legal guardian must provide an authorized signature.

What is the length of time my business employs a student for work-based learning?

The commitment is term limited.  The expectation is the student will be employed for one academic semester.

Preparing Your Submission
Business Checklist

Please be prepared to answer the following:

  1. Registered employer/business name and authorized representative contact information.
  2. Upload copy of the WBL agreement between the academic institution and the employer.
  3. Certify the business paid workers-compensation up-front for students.
  4. Certify the student(s) received the two-hour required safety training.
  5. Proof the employer experienced an increase in workers compensation premiums as a direct result of the student placement/hire.
  6. Amount requested to offset increased premiums as a direct result of the student placement/hire.
  7. Acknowledge the employer will submit any additional forms or respond to requests from the Montana Department of Labor & Industry (MDLI) for clarification.
What to Do if Your Request is Denied
Reimbursement is contingent upon MTDLI’s review of completed answers, commitment the safety course occurred, and uploaded documentation that supports the requested dollar amount. If a denial is issued, the employer may submit an amended application for consideration.
Business Submission for Reimbursement

Please send an email to wblinfo@mt.gov for questions about this program. 

If you intend to file a request for reimbursement, you will need to register on the funding platform, www.Submittable.com and select Work-Based Learning Reimbursement

Registration of the business as a Work-Based Learning (WBL) site is not a guarantee of reimbursement.
Reimbursement Application Process

Details about the reimbursement application process can be accessed through the following link:

Reimbursement Application Process

Contact Information
Michelle Robinson, WBL Program Manager
Ph: 406-444-3351