Regulations: MCA and ARM

Montana Code Annotated (MCA) Effective July 1, 2019

53-2-1215. Incumbent worker training program -- purpose.
53-2-1216. Definitions.
53-2-1217. Incumbent worker training program criteria for applicants.
53-2-1218. Incumbent worker training program grant award criteria.
53-2-1219. Special revenue account.
53-2-1220. Rulemaking.

Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM) Effective January 1, 2018

24.22.322 Definitions
24.22.327 General requirements regarding training
24.22.328 General provisions relating to grant funds
24.22.331 Grant application process
24.22.335 Evaluation of grant applications and limitations
24.22.338 Award of grant
24.22.341 Changes to the application or approved grant
24.22.344 Payment of grant funds
24.22.347 Appeals

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