Statewide Goals


Serving as a communication and resource link to share and disseminate information, directives, and ideas between Montana employers, local Job Service Employers Committees (JSEC), Montana Department of Labor & Industry (MDLI), and MDLI's Workforce Services Division (WSD).


  • Promote MDLI's Workforce Services Division (WSD).
  • Support Montana Department of Labor & Industry and WSD by advising of employer needs and concerns.
  • Assist local JSEC committees to provide connection and networking across the state.
  • Seek solutions to employment, training, and related issues in need of statewide or national attention.

2021-2022 Goals:

MSEC will be the information highway to our members and communities.

  • Social media community education
  • Social media presence
  • Monthly business/networking conference calls with educational opportunities and business partnerships
  • Participate and grow community and state partnerships 
  • Employer of Choice (EOC)
  • Fred Unmack Education Scholarship
  • Showcase State MSEC Awards  
  • Annual spring educational conference
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