Labor Law Posters

Which Posters are Required and Where do I Obtain Them?

The Montana Department of Labor and Industry has responded to employers' needs by making it easier to obtain posters mandated by laws for posting.

Most recent versions of the Labor Law posters may be downloaded from the Internet by going to the "Downloadable from the Internet" section on this page. The five-in-one Labor Law posters are available at all Job Service offices.

Posters required by federal law to be posted in each worksite:

  • Equal Employment Opportunity 
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (employers with 50 or more employees)
  • FMLA Poster Insert for Military Family Leave Amendments
  • Fair Labor Standards Act (must be displayed on an employee bulletin board) 
  • Job Safety and Health (OSHA) 
  • Employee Polygraph Protection Act (does not apply to public employers)
  • Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA)

Agricultural Employment

  • Agriculture under the Fair Labor Standards Act – English and Spanish posters
  • Employee Rights Under the H-2A Program (Effective March 15, 2010 for H-2A Employers only)
  • Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers Protection Act

Where to obtain? There are a variety of ways to obtain required posters at no cost through your local Job Service.

A large all-in-one poster that incorporates five of the required posters may be obtained at no cost to you by contacting your local Job Service. To locate your nearest Job Service check the Job Service Location Directory. Ask to speak with a Workforce Consultant.

Downloadable from the Internet

General information on required posters, including posters of special interest to federal contractors, can be found at

Employers with Internet access and Adobe Acrobat Reader can download the required posters directly from the sites listed:

OR, call the Montana Department of Labor and Industry, 406-444-9081 or 406-444-4100 for more information about getting employment posters at no cost.

  • Proof of Unemployment Insurance Coverage  - Call the Department of Labor & Industry, Unemployment Insurance Division, at 406-444-3834 to obtain a copy of Unemployment Insurance coverage specific to your business.
  • Proof of Workers' Compensation Coverage  - Contact your Workers' Compensation provider for the appropriate document.

Prevailing Wage

There is NOT a Prevailing Wage Poster; however, the Public Contracts/Prevailing Wage Law does require the appropriate and applicable prevailing wage rates be posted by the contractor performing work or providing construction services in a prominent and accessible location on the project site.